To create communities, spaces, and shared resources for ourselves and our posterity to explore, discuss, and act on their paths towards maximizing the well-being of humanity in a realistic and rigorous manner.


To create a habitat for fellow improvers, individuals actively working to solve the worlds problems, containing: 100 housing units, a supercomputer, prototyping shop (makerspace), community garden, great hall, meeting rooms, and a local food source costing less than $6 per meal.

Master Plan

Creating an intergenerationally sustainable community of people maximizing the well-being of humanity based on scientific methodologies will increase the probability of humanity's survival on a large timescale. The community will be a place where the norm consists of regularly asking three fundamental questions.

    1. What is humanity?
    2. What are humanity's problems?
    3. How do we solve humanity's problems?

Building this will consist of 3 stages:

    Stage 1: Build a community of improvers.
    Stage 2: Establishing ProtoHouses, houses where improvers live, with a garden, computer lab, and prototyping tools.
    Stage 3: Establishing Habitats (described in the objective above)

Note: Though we focus on humanity for now, all of life will eventually be the primary focus. The declaration of these statements, allows us to proceed to discuss, and adjust them as we move forward.

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